Meat and Poultry

Meat and poultry production continues to increase to meet worldwide demand, and technology has created a wider range of usage for meat and the ability to transport meat products around the world. Refrigeration and temperature control are vital aspects throughout this entire process, which requires extremely hygienic conditions and compliance with strict government regulations and standards.

The object of using refrigerating equipment in the meat industry are, principally, two; first and foremost the object which is pursued throughout all industries concerned with food, to delay bacterial growth and secondly to improve the consistency of the meat so as to facilitate cutting and other processing, because freshly slaughtered, non-cooled carcasses are difficult to handle.

Reftrech is a leading supplier of refrigeration equipment that provides meat processors with reliable performance for processing, storing and delivering quality meat products to the buying public.

REFTECH produces refrigeration equipment that operates with ammonia, ecological gases and glycol, quick slaughtering tunnels, cooling chambers to keep the best organoleptic qualities of the products, washable climatization with fast drying of the rooms, 0-systems for room sterilization.

To store cured meats, according to the best traditions, is an art; to produce equipments that reproduce, in the best possible way, the ideal conditions for drying and storing cured meats is a task that REFTECH has learned to do with enormous experience.