To reproduce the ideal conditions of maturity and storage for every type of cheese (fresh, with herbs, goat cheese, mould-ripened cheese, up to Parmesan and sheep cheese) avoiding mould, bacteria, loss of weight and discards: based on these fundamental principles, Reftech has developed it refrigeration equipments “AirClean”.

The complete climatization of the cheese factory, including production and packing rooms, is installed with highly hygienic, washable and sanitizable systems with personalized air ventilation.

Milk – Yoghurt – Ice cream

The thermal treatment of beverages and in particular of milk and dairy products requires large cooling capacities and low costs.

For those sectors, REFTECH provides cooling systems that operate with ammonia and ecological gases, with high yield equipments for the production of cold water, “ICE-BANK” with stainless steel tanks, fast cooling and solidification tunnels, sterile climatization rooms for bottling.