Refrigerated Storage and Warehousing

Because of technology advancements and logistic strategies, the cold storage of perishable items has become an important stage in the distribution between manufacturers/processors and retail locations. The bulk storage of large or small quantities requires refrigeration that enables cold store facilities to be safe, energy conscious and compliant with government requirements and standards.
Reftech works closely with customers to identify and determine the appropriate refrigeration concept to create facilities that make for efficient and economical distribution.

Reftech has designed and implemented most types of cold store solutions before. This understanding means Reftech knows how to:

  • Integrate processing and storage
  • Select the best compressors and compressor control system to obtain a high coefficient of performance resulting in excellent refrigerating efficiency and low power consumption
  • Place high quality air coolers, direct expansion or flooded, to ensure even temperature distribution and maintain the high quality of stored products
  • Configure galvanized, high capacity, individually-controlled condensers for low condensing pressure
  • Minimizing power consumption by developing and implementing computerized control and monitoring systems for automatic capacity regulation
  • Design valve stations for minimal pressure loss, easy operation, and maintenance

Cold store construction

Reftech selects and cooperates with a range of well-known suppliers to be sure that no compromises are made in terms of design, technology, material selection, or on-site construction.

Reftech’s dedication to quality materials and superior solutions is shown by our attention to detail:

  • Cladding, selected for local conditions and environment, is designed for optimum protection against rough treatment
  • Heat loads from incoming products, transmission, machinery etc are calculated by means of a standardized computer programs
  • Insulating panels with superior insulation characteristics reduce heat transfer and operating costs
  • Easy-to-operate, automatic or manual door systems are built to costumer’s needs and requirements
  • Electrical systems and controls are designed for efficient operation
  • As an option, forklifts, shelves, pallets, converters, packing equipment, emergency generators, and weighing stations selected for the job at hand can be supplied by Reftech

All cold stores will comply with local regulations. If required, a cold store solutions can be designed to any national standard or international standard.