If there's one particular industry that's linked to refrigeration, it's the beverage industry. The cooling process and refrigeration are keys to proper fermentation and germination, to product consistency throughout the production process, and to the delivery of a wide range of beverages to the consumer.

Throughout the process of producing beverage, it is important to maintain a high level of precision on temperatures. Cooling capacity are mostly in the high end of the refrigeration scale, and also it is a must to keep in mind that the environment in the production must be kept clean and without any pollution from the refrigeration system, as just a small leakage can ruin the production.

REFTECH is specialized in dealing with the requirements and demands for safe and energy efficient refrigeration equipments and piping.

Stand alone refrigeration lines for each beverage production line can be useful but also expensive. REFTECH also provides PLC-based systems with full setup for several production lines with just one access point to all of it. Setting up computerized systems to measure, control and log data in the refrigeration, is part of the standard quotation in 95% of the cases.