Ice Making Equipment

Ice is not just ice. Ice comes in many forms, each form has its own advantages and applications. We know that at REFTECH and can supply you with advise and support in selecting the right ice maker.

We supply a wide range of flake, plate, tube and block ice. Below are some of the brands we represent. 


EVE range is the winning proposition for the industrial applications, covering the storage, processing and transportation needs of the fishing, meat, poultry, dairy cheese, bread & biscuit industries, plus the many chemical, textile and mining industry applications. We define Scotsman Industrial Line as stainless quality because EVE machines are built with the strongest components, starting from the evaporator, the heart of the ice-making system, where high-grade, AISI 304 stainless steel, and at a thickness that superior performance becomes evident even in the most challenging and extreme conditions.

All of the other components simply testify to the commitment of reliability. The highest quality and durability parameters are matched and surpassed.


Vogt revolutionized the commercial ice-making industry in 1937 when it built the world's first automatic sized ice machine, the Tube-Ice Machine. Prior to this, ice was made in block form.

Today, Vogt ice machines offer a wide variety of ice to suit any of your ice needs including fragmented, cracked, crushed, flake, and of course the original Tube Ice in an assortment of sizes.   We also manufacture the Turbo Ice Rake, manual and automatic block presses as well as falling film chillers.