Evaporative Condensers

Evaporative condensers make use of the desirable properties of water, one of nature’s most abundant cooling media, to provide cooling solutions for air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration. In most areas of the world, water is abundant, and its "latent heat", or ability to reject or absorb large quantities of heat through evaporation (latent heat of vaporization) make it ideal for these applications and enables the refrigerant to be cooled to a lower temperature compared to dry cooling which solely relies on ambient air.

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Decsa was the first Company to manufacturein Italy, at its Voghera plant, serpentine coilsfor Evaporative Condensers and Closed CicuitCoolers, based on its own design. Up tothat time, in the early 80s, this kind of equipmentwas imported from abroad.This is only one exemple of its design and manufacturingcapabilities, based on a uniqueexperience in Evaporative Coling Equipment.Another example: the design and realizationof an important component of cooling towerssuch as the axial fan. With extruded aluminiumairfoil blades, efficent and sturdy, theDecsafoil fans are built to measure for everymodel of axial tower. This renews a traditiondating back to the Company that started theGroup, which was in fact a fans manufacturer.Again: the design, with expert consultants, ofan exclusive Glass Reinforcad Polyester formula,named Decsaplast, with specific caracteristicsfor cooling towers applications.This puts us ahead in the field of corrosionfree constructions, so important for EvaporativeCoolin Equipment.

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Since its founding in 1938, BALTIMORE AIRCOIL has specialised in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling and heat transfer equipment, and has become a world leader in this field. BAC's continuing program of research and development has produced many innovations which have evolved to become the standards of the industry.