Chiller units

REFTECH provides a wide range of chiller units or packaged refrigerators. These units are complete self contained units to chill water or brine, either by air or water.


During these years, the activity of Emicon has been developed with the production of liquid chillers for air conditioning and industrial applications, close control units, heat pumps, roof top and, thanks to its considerable production flexibility, special tailor-made units.

Presently, due to the great experience achieved in the market and the professionalism of its engineers, Emicon is a leader company between the international manufacturers, able to give adequate and effective answers to all requirements of civil and industrial air conditioning.

Emicon realized worldwide important and prestigious supplies for Great Works, Data Centre, Banks. Particularly interesting are the air conditioning systems for Museums and Art Galleries, where the need of preserving high value works requires very sophisticated air conditioning solutions.

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The Sabroe range of packaged ammonia chillers provides indirect cooling using natural ammonia (R717) as primary refrigerant in conjunction with a wide selection of secondary refrigerants, including water, calcium chloride, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol.

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