Air Coolers

Air coolers is an important component in the refrigeration system. They circulate the air in the cold room or store while cooling it in the process. Air coolers can be seperated into two categories: evaporative and liquid cooled. 

Evaporative coolers, or evaporators, utilizes the evaporation energy in the refrigerant to cool the air while evaporating refrigerant.

Liquid cooled evaporators uses a liquid i. e. water or brine to cool the air while heating the liquid.

Each type has its distinctive features and advantages. Many years of experience has thought REFTECH to select the right cooler to the right job, so don't hesitate to contact us regarding which cooler is most suitable for your application. Below are some of the brands which REFTECH represents.

Guntner logo small.png

Over the past decades, the Güntner Group has expanded and grown from a local specialist to an international and global enterprise.

As one of the leading companies worldwide in the sector of heat transfer technology, the Güntner Group is present on all continents with production sites as well as Güntner affiliated and non-affiliated sales and service companies.

Güntner stands for innovative, high-quality world class products.



Thermokey was founded in 1991 and has been producing various kinds of heat exchangers for 15 years now. It is internationally known as the ideal partner for manufacturers of cooling machines for air conditioning, refrigeration and process cooling.

Thermokey heat exchangers range is growing richer year after year. At the moment, it includes finned pack heat exchangers, air condensers, liquid coolers, unit coolers, shell and tube evaporators and condensers and brazed plate heat exchangers.