Project development process

To guarantee a solution that will meet your requirements, all projects go through each of the following stages:

  1. Feasibility study . How can the project best be realized? Realistic budgets indicate how the project can be realized. Local authorities are contacted to ensure the project will be approved.
  2. Financing assessment . Which financing opportunities exist? Reftech analyzes available financing, combined with the customer’s own source of finance. The final result clarifies the best way to implement the project.
  3. Development of the final quotation . What solution is best? With a full understanding of the customer need and access to superior products, our experienced project engineers design the best integrated solution possible for the given budget.
  4. Sales negotiation . Does the solution fully meet the customer’s requirements? If anything can be done better, Reftech will adjust specifications accordingly.
  5. Engineering . How can we optimize and be innovative? Reftech’s project engineers have carried out so many refrigeration projects that the right solution, delivered as agreed and without unforeseen costs, is guaranteed.
  6. Project and on-site management . Is everything progressing as it should? When a project begins, Reftech appoints a single supervisor to follow it from start to completion. Experienced site super visors take care of construction and handle problems on the spot.
  7. Management and training . Are employees ready to operate the refrigeration system? Reftech trains the staff to operate refrigeration plants. Training programs are carried out on-site or at our training facilities. When the project is commissioned, employees are ready to operate the refrigeration system.
  8. Continued service . How can we help in the future? No matter how well a refrigeration plant is maintained, it needs adjustments occasionally. With a Reftech Service contract, regular visits and thorough technical check-ups keep your refrigeration system in perfect working conditions.
  9. Project completion . Have we delivered everything as promised? With Reftech, our customers can feel confident. We do not leave the site until everything is working as intended.