Service on Demand

Service on demand is REFTECH’s basic level of service. Whenever you as the customer need our support for maintaining, repairing or optimizing your refrigeration plant, we at REFTECH are able to help you out.

REFTECH has several contractors and supervisors placed globally, to maintain the required service level at your location.

All of our personnel are specially trained, has many years of experience in maintenance and supervision/commissioning, as independent and skilled engineers. Though we have numerous people placed globally, we can also support you by either telephone, fax or by E-mail.

Service on Demand includes:

  • Providing spare parts for your refrigeration plant
  • Overhauls and maintenance
  • Energy optimization
  • Repairing/replacing broken parts in your refrigeration plant
  • Training your staff locally or at REFTECH domain in Denmark

REFTECH provides Service on Demand regardless if you are asking for help with equipment provided by Reftech as well as equipment provided by others.